Get color in one visit or do three in a row for a base tan,  seven to nine to establish a solid tan and  just twice a month to maintain your beautiful golden color!

Try one, two or more. The more you purchase the more the discount per visit.

UltraSun SunBreeze 5000      3MagnumPower


Hit the road for some fun and freedom. Leave it all behind and let your roaming spirit loose - feel the wind in your hair and let the wide open spaces refresh your mind. (UltraSun 'body & Sun' magazine fall 2009, pg. 25)

  • 43 160 Watt Lamps
  • Three 1000 Watt High Pressure Facial Tanners
  • Six 25 watt Shoulder Tanners.
Proven performance is what the SunDome is all about. With a 10 minute no-contact session you
can come in during your lunch hour & have time left for lunch!


The most spacious upright tanning experience in the Powertower series that you can offer your customers is the i9. A seamless tan can be achieved on every part of the body, thanks to the spacious design the i9 which allows you to feel free and relaxed. Due to 64 Sunfit XXL 200W Premium (2mtr.), the i9 the fastest stand-up in its series. It can come with an available changing cubicle that can make the bed able to be used virtually anywhere when placed together.



With 4 Wolff SunVision beds you can walk in or make an appointment. Sold individually, in
packages, or as a Month Unlimited.
Maximum of 20 minutes per session.

Sunrise 3500

With 32 lamps and high pressure facials you will get deeper darker results that quickly take you
past that tanning peak! Great for beginners who start at less time and want quicker results.
Maximum of 20 minutes per session.
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