Stand Up Tanning

Kennewick Location 12  Minute


The most spacious upright tanning experience in the Powertower series that you can offer your customers is the i9. A seamless tan can be achieved on every part of the body, thanks to the spacious design the i9 which allows you to feel free and relaxed. Due to 64 Sunfit XXL 200W Premium (2mtr.), the i9 the fastest stand-up in its series. It can come with an available changing cubicle that can make the bed able to be used virtually anywhere when placed together.

Lamps Total: 48-200Watts
Features: Topcooler, SmartControl, Moodlight, Speakers, EasyService
Options: Breeze + Aroma, Music, IQ Touch Control, Paytronic, Wireless Management System
Color Options: Xtreme Orange Metallic, Vivid Violet Metallic
Minimum Room Size 6’ x 6’
 Richland Location   10 Minute

The SunDome 548V is a specially designed tanning booth shaped to place your clients at the center of tanning intensity so they are being evenly showered with bronzing, all-over tanning power.

This tanning booth’s unique stand-up design is perfect if you have limited space, and your client will love the quick, 10-minute no contact tanning session in the SunDome tanning booth.

Kennewick Location
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