Pura Spray Tan Booth

Kennewick Salon Only

The perfect tan. Just like clockwork

. Let’s cut to the chase: Pura Sunless has tanning down to a science. Literally.  
By designing each step to deliver the optimum amount of solution at just the right time,
we’re able to get you in and out of the booth in less than five minutes.
We’re talking full prep, tan and dry. (Yes, really.)


Much like the cogs in a watch, one turning the next in ultimate precision, the Pura Sunless four-step system operates like nothing else in the market today. Prep and moist typically absorb into the skin quickly so we developed faster passes for both steps. And we also individually adjust the timing on the Clear and Bronze steps to allow for better absorption as well as customized color delivery

based on your specific preferences.

When it’s done, you walk out knowing you’re going to look your best—in no time.

Because timing really is everything.